The first steps into the world of literacy

Your young Alphaventure explorers will be delighted by the eight magnificent images that make up the game boards. They’ll have fun getting acquainted with the letters and numbers that will remain with them throughout their school years. Alphaventure has the added benefit of showing children multiple ways of writing letters, such as lowercase, uppercase, as well as printed and cursive writing, preparing them for a variety of styles. As they’re busy playing the game, your curious kids won’t even notice that they’re well on their way to getting ready for a fun and successful experience at school.

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Alphaventure : an adventure in learning!

Alphaventure is the creation of a graphic artist brimming with creativity, and eager to instill a love of learning in children, starting with her own little ones! Fascinated with the photographic memory of small children, the young Québec entrepreneur set out to make the most of this remarkable ability as children journey into the world of letters and numbers with Alphaventure.

An educational applicationfor iPad

After having enjoyed great success with Quebec families over the past year, the table game Alphaventure Search and Find has officially entered the world of mobile applications. You can get the app from the Apple Store for $ 3.99, with the Android version of the game slated for launch in 2021.